9 Apr 2014

Big skies and late night drives

Last evening, one of the photographers and I explored the surrounding area, trying to find some nice compositions to use as the foreground for the sunset. The vast majority of open water is currently still beneath thick ice and the view out across many of the huge lakes looks quite similar to the photograph above. Due to this we were both pleasantly surprised to come across this small back-country bridge, which had a small open river flowing underneath. 

The light was dropping close to the horizon, and as a result the suns rays hitting the far bank were extremely rich in colour. A mixture of yellow and magenta light reflecting in the icy water created a great image, I quickly shot two exposures to balance the natural light between the sun and shadow regions and then masked them in post later on.

On our return leg we spotted two giant Capercaillie displaying seasonal mating rituals, and although we had on hand Canon's latest sensor technology, the light was far to poor to get a shot worth exhibiting. This will be a month of firsts I am sure.