23 Apr 2014


After announcing a valid drivers license I have been first pick to drive the 250Km round trip to Kajaani, to receive customers and run errands. The scenery is much the same, rolling hills covered in thick spruce pines and broken only by frozen lakes and the odd, very odd, red timber lodge. Yesterday I drove to collect two Spanish photographers who were flying in from Helsinki on the 18:35. They were coming up for a week in the hides, and as usual I was eager to find out more about their hobby and where it had taken them.

On the route home the sun was beginning to dip towards the horizon and the light was incredible, shining a soft golden light over pines as we sped along. At this time of the year it is possible to see Elk (Moose) and Wild Forest Reindeer roaming the forest openings in the evening, and I was keeping a keen eye on the blurred landscape. About half way into the journey I spotted two 'Reindeer' and the photographers agreed we should turn back as the light was good and the subject matter potentially even better. As we drew alongside the 'Reindeer' they in fact turned out to be a pair of Common Cranes, although a little disappointed, the light was indeed perfect and I snapped a few frames nonetheless before heading back for a warm broth.