22 May 2014

Gretel Langenscheidt

A truly inspirational character 

Last week I transferred Gretel Langenscheidt back towards Kajaani Airport. I listened intently to her stories, whether it was; tracking wild Panda's deep inside China, photographing the Spirit Bear along Canada's pacific coast, or the relatively tame trip to Wild Brown Centre last Autumn. Although the fear of the forest beast has slightly relaxed on me, hearing first person travel stories, has, and will continue to thrill me, throughout my stay here.
What Gretel has seen is more than many will, in their lifetime, and to just add a cherry on the top, the above (only the tip of the iceberg) has occurred since becoming, what society labels an 'OAP'. 
She was not only more physically able than many of the guests here, but also, by far the most positive and forward thinking individual I have met so far - during this adventure and before. It was a pleasure on her last morning to take her portrait, shown above, and I know for certain that she had a wonderful trip here.