14 May 2014

White Wednesday

Wild Brown Bear Centre Finland | Kuhmo | Finland

We woke this morning to a white landscape, even through the eyes of Karhu, it was a beautiful sight. It had started falling at 5am and had already accumulated 10 centimetres in some places. The trees are heavily covered, and their branches are bending towards the ground. I took a loner Sigma 35mm F1.4 out before breakfast, capturing the change in scenery around the lodge. The heavy snow fall had created a small winter wonderland around the Centre, and it was nice to compose some different and unique images on my front doorstep. A scene that will probably be absent for the remainder of my stay here. 

On Monday morning, Sam and I drove out of Vartius and headed northwards in search for some landscapes, after an exhilarating night in the hides. After an hour we found a dirt track leading to Hepoköngäs, one of Finland's largest waterfalls. After a short walk through thick pine forest, we came to the top of the falls. The main section had a steep 20m drop, with smaller cascades surrounding it. The area was extremely photogenic, with snow still deep in the surrounding forest, and ice formations framing the waterfall. 

On our walk back to the car, we spotted some fresh wolf tracks on the snow, It was a nice indication that the area holds a healthy population of Canis Lupis, and a good addition to the sightings that myself and visitors have had over the last month. I will definitely return to this waterfall over summer and in the Autumn when the colours will be amazing, perhaps even with some guests as part of a workshop.