4 May 2014


Moonrise - 15th April, ~ 23:00 pm, -5 Degrees Celsius

Although this image may appear more like a sunrise at 5:00 am, It is in fact a full moonrise at 23:00 pm. The fury critters had turned in for the night, and I slipped into the 24-105 for some ball-head mounted landscapes. I had the shutter set to about 2 and half minutes, F4/F5.6 and a reasonable ISO to minimize all distracting noise. I am always pleased with long exposures if they turn out correctly, as it's definitely not an exact science. It was nice to see the scenery under a completely unique light for the first time as well. Pictured is 'Hide 1', the first photo specific hide which was built almost 15 years ago.

I challenge anyone to find a more tranquil start to your day than waking to this scene. The echoing noise of a pecking woodpecker, skimming across the frozen ground, and the rising sun soaking the trees in a rich, golden light. Nothing is more peaceful.