3 May 2014

Black & White but still Brown

I am very pleased with how April panned out. Ari told me that I have been extremely lucky with the depth and diversity that has presented itself throughout the month. For me, I am also really pleased with the range, and dare I say, quality of some of the images I have been able to produce, and I feel equally, 'document' during the entirety of April. 
The photo above was taken on the 16th April during the evening, the snow cover was still thick, and the night was extremely fresh, cold and clear. It was also the night of the blood full moon, but I shall touch again on this night by exhibiting some landscapes later on. The bear photographed is my favourite bear so far, I feel as though I am slightly bias due to the fact this was my first ever European Brown Bear, but nonetheless this male is an incredible specimen of power and size. He is easily recognisable by his very dark fur and evident scar - dead centre - between his ears. 

As a result I chose B&W to document this moment, as he was wading through the thick snow towards me. For his dark fur contrasted against the white sky and ground make for a nice image. The composition was also aided by having two dark ravens perched in the background, but they can take all the credit for being there. 

One of my favourite times of the day is breakfast, partly due to being able to feast on continental treats, but also because the photographers return from the hides, and we are always interested in what they have seen, and witnessed throughout the night. One specific night a Hungarian couple were staying for two brief nights en route back from a trip further north. After their second and final night in the hide, I met them at breakfast and engaged in the usual questions about the night before. It turned out that they, and the other guests at the time, had witnessed the first Grey Wolf in the area since October, and although it had been an extremely brief encounter, it had occurred near, and in good light.
It is hardest at these times not to let jealously creep into the equation, although in hindsight I had an even more incredible night on the way. A night that kept me awake throughout, and in a buzz of excitement.