2 May 2014

White nostalgia

Although a few snow showers have occurred in the recent weeks, the amplitude of these have been far from when I arrived in April. With some more time recently, I have been looking back at some of my photos from when I first arrived. I will share a few more edits here. A tribute of sorts as the snow won't be back for almost 8 months. 

There are three different male bears shown here, the one above is a younger male, he moved very quickly and cautiously around the area, constantly moving his eyes around the landscape searching for danger. He was being bothered by the hooded crows at every step and his irritation of that was clearly evident in his movements and behaviour. 

My sleeping bear photo above was taken on my very first evening in the hides. This very large male was first out from hibernation and clearly the dominant individual in the area. On several occasions, including this night, he slept in the area. A sign that he was comfortable with dealing with any dangers posed by other predators in the area.